Call for papers the forum - 1st edition on September 29th, 2017 in Grenoble

The international Forum "Creative Mobilities" ​identifies and questions the new uses and the possible associations between two fields of public activity: mobility and culture. The reinvention and appropriation of public space by a plurality of actors; the access to culture and its diversity for all; the role of active citizenship; the valuation of the daily commuting time (transforming movement into "experience(s)"/ "living" through mobility); the...


Call for artists | Blueproject Foundation

The BLUEPROJECT FOUNDATION is a non-profit entity based in Barcelona whose main aim is to support and promote national and international artistic creation. This service is offered through a residency programme that provides support for artists and exhibits and promotes work that is both relevant to and a reflection of today's aesthetic, social and intellectual issues.The participating Artists will be chosen according to the conditions established in this...


TURN fund for artistic cooperation between germany and african countries

In 2012, the Federal Cultural Foundation established the TURN – Fund for Artistic Cooperation between Germany and African Countries in order to encourage a wide range of German institutions to shift their focus on the artistic production and cultural debates in African countries.German cultural organisations in all artistic areas are called upon to engage in new forms of artistic collaboration with African partners. The programme offers incentives primarily to German institutions and artists (museums, theatres, dance companies, art associations, composers, writers, publishers, etc.) to enhance their profile with new themes, working methods and perspectives...


جائزة اليونسكو- الشارقة للثقافة العربية

أُنشِئت في عام 1998، وبتمويل من حكومة الشارقة (الإمارات العربية المتحدة)، تحرص جائزة اليونسكو-الشارقة للثقافة العربية على مُكافأة العمل الدؤوب الذي يقوم به الرجال والنساء في ربوع العالم لإغناء الثقافة العربية. وتُمْنَح الجائزة لاثنين من المتفَّوِقين - سواء كانوا من الشخصيات العامة، أو الجماعات، أو المؤسسات ،-من  الدول العربية  وغيرها.


Prix UNESCO-Sharjah pour la culture arabe

L'UNESCO lance un nouvel appel aux candidatures au Prix UNESCO-Sharjah pour la culture arabe. Ce Prix, décerné depuis 2001, a été créé en 1998 en collaboration avec le Gouvernement de Sharjah (Émirats arabes unis), et en est désormais à sa 15e édition.Afin d’accroître la visibilité de ce Prix, l'UNESCO et le Gouvernement de Sharjah vous encouragent à proposer des candidats qualifiés dont les œuvres littéraires, scientifiques ou artistiques ainsi que les efforts qu’ils déploient pour promouvoir la culture arabe et sa diffusion, indépendamment de toutes considérations religieuses, mériteraient la reconnaissance...


UNESCO-Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture

UNESCO calls for candidatures for the UNESCO-Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture. Awarded since 2001, the Prize was established in 1998 in collaboration with the Government of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) and is now at its 15th edition. With a view to increasing the visibility of this Prize further, UNESCO and the government of Sharjah would like to encourage you to propose qualified candidates who deserve to be rewarded for their literary, scientific or artistic achievements, as well as for their global outreach devoted to promoting Arab culture and its worldwide dissemination – independent of any religious considerations...


Calling All Student Writers! Enter the Rewarded Essays Writing Contest

Do you fashion yourself a budding writer? Perhaps you know you are pretty creative with a pen and would love a chance to show it and win some money too? Well, your chance is here. is sponsoring a scholarship essay contest, open to all high school students from anywhere in the world. This is your chance to fashion a creative, engaging essay that will grab the judges’ attention and perhaps end up with an award. And here are all the details...


European youth award Digital Creativity improving Society

The European Youth Award is a pan-European competition among socially committed and creative entrepreneurs, start-up founders, designers, producers, application developers, journalists, writers, students… under the age of 33 who use Internet and Mobile technology to create digital projects to improve society.The DIGITAL project, product or application entering the contest must be mainly initiated and executed by young people under the age of 33 (born on or after January 1, 1984) living in one of the member states of the Council of Europe or the Union for the Mediterranean, Belarus, Kosovo or Syria...


مشاركة جذور بالندوات و اللقاءات، بالمغرب و خارجه

شارك عادل السعداني، المنسق العام لجذور، بالندوة العالمية المنظمة من طرف منظمة "CIMAC"، يومي 7 و 8 يونيو 2017 بمدينة إيفورا البرتغالية، تحت عنوان "روابط المنظومات الإبداعية". كان الهدف من الندوة مناقشة معنى المنظومات الإبداعية و كذا دور و طبيعة "المادة الثقافية" و العملية الإبداعية في الزمن الرقمي و العولمة...


Participation of Racines to conferences and meetings, in Morocco and internationally

Aadel Essaadani, general coordinator of Racines, participated to the international conference organized by CIMAC, under the theme “Connecting Creative Ecosystems the 7 and 8 June 2017, in Evora, Portugal. The conference aimed to reflect on the very notion of a creative ecosystem; on the new functions and nature of the "cultural object" and creative processes in the age of digital technology and globalization...



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