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Opportunités d’échanges dans la région Euro-Med

Le Programme Euro-Med Exchange donne à des jeunes talents et aux acteurs clés des organisations de la société civile, des opportunités d’échanges/stages dans les 42 pays de la région Euro-Med, dans le but de soutenir l’échange de connaissances, renforcer le dialogue et la coopération interculturelle qui sont essentiels pour le développement stable et durable de la Région.Le programme a été conçu pour soutenir les synergies, les activités pluridisciplinaires et des idées de projets innovatrices dans le domaine du dialogue interculturel (DIC), impliquant des jeunes acteurs des deux rives de la Méditerranée, en leur donnant l’opportunité...

Youth mobility and exchange opportunities in the Mediterranean

The Euro-Med Exchange Programme is giving young talents and key actors, such as members of civil society organisations, exchange/traineeship opportunities across 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries, aiming to support knowledge exchange, strengthen dialogue and intercultural cooperation that are crucial for the stable and sustainable development in the Region. The programme is designed to support synergies, cross-disciplinary activities and innovative project ideas related to intercultural dialogue (ICD), involving young actors from both shores of the Mediterranean, giving them the spaces to gain new perspectives on how to...

UNESCO Office in Rabat : Call for application

The UNESCO Maghreb Office launches a call for candidates for the recruitment of a project officer. Supported by the European Union (Medfilm), the Project is to enhance the Image of women in the film industry in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. More precisely, it aims to: 

  1. Promote freedom of expression by encouraging film makers from the region to address gender equality and women's empowerment; 
  2. Promote the role of female film professionals in the region by harnessing an enabling environment to create and express their own concerns;
  3. Tackle gender-related stereotypes, as well of the image of women in films and promoting understanding, tolerance and cultural diversity.

    MASA 2018 | Arts de la rue : Appel à candidature

    A l’occasion de sa 10ème édition qui se tiendra du 10 au 17 mars 2018, à Abidjan, Grand Bassam, Bouaké, Korhogo et Yamoussoukro, le Marché des Arts du Spectacle Africain (MASA) lance un appel à candidature spécifique à l’endroit des artistes et des groupes évoluant dans les disciplines dites Arts de la rue ou Arts dans l’espace public : acrobates, jongleurs, marionnettistes, etc..Conditions générales de participation : L’effectif du groupe, y compris l’équipe d’encadrement et le manager, ne devra pas excéder 08 personnes ; Les décors et accessoires ne doivent être ni lourds ni encombrants et transportables sur les vols réguliers ; Les membres du même groupe feront l’aller...

    Madrassa 2017 : Call for participation

    MADRASSA is a programme conceived by l’Atelier de l’Observatoire, implemented with Spring Sessions in partnership with Mass Alexandria and aria (artist residency in algiers).

    • Deadline to apply : 5 May 2017
    • Selection of participants : 30 May 2017
    • Locations : Alexandria, Algiers, Algiers, Amman, Casablanca
    • For information :

    Madrassa is a programme of curatorial research and practice in contemporary art. It is one of the first of its kind in the region.

    Call for Papers | posters: The fourth VALLETTA 2018 annual international conference

    The fourth in the Valletta 2018 Foundation's series of annual international conferences on cultural relations in Europe and the Mediterranean, this conference explores the interplay between cultural diplomacy, place branding and liveability, particularly in light of large public events such as the European Capital of Culture. These issues will be debated within the context of citizen engagement and sustainable city development.

    Master Class : exploring spatial awareness

    This master class consists of a conceptual framework exploring spatial awareness as well as technical workshops in sound and video recording, painting, action/performance, installation, and sculpture. Participants will acquire artistic tools and methods to investigate spatial awareness. They will develop and exhibit a personal project. They will also be encouraged to reflect on their personal artistic practice and that of their fellow artists. 

    Ouaga film lab 2017

    The main aim of the OUAGA FILM LAB development and co-production residency is to strengthen the competitiveness of West African directors and producers within major international labs, as well as to facilitate their access to local funds, international co-productions and a close collaboration with experienced mentors from around the continent.This call for proposals is aimed at West African film and audiovisual professionals who meet the criteria set out in the regulations of OUAGA FILM LAB 2017. At the deadline of the call for entries, a committee will select the...

    The arts rights justice program

    It is important that artistic creation and the role of artists are considered alongside human rights and freedoms in society. To this end, the Arts Rights Justice Program seeks to convey and professionalize skills, ensure the exchange of knowledge, make the most of multiplier effects and build expertise on the subject. Therefore, the aim is to strengthen and expand structures for the promotion and protection of artistic freedom.The program was developed in cooperation with 30 international expert institutions and is initially intended to run from 2017 until 2019. It will encompass an annual academy accompanied by an international conference at the Hildesheim Kulturcampus, Germany; a series of satellite workshops in the partner regions; and an open access online library...

    دعوة لتقديم أعمال فنّية للمشاركة في معرض "توبوفيليا" 2017

    يقام معرض "توبوفيليا" الأول ضمن سلسلة مكونة من معرضين ينظّمهما مشروع MEETINGS، ومن المقرّر عقدهما في "Nørager Farmhouse" في مدينة نيس، الدانمارك، كجزء من نشاطات مهرجان MEETINGS من 1- 10 أيلول 2017. يُشجَّعُ الفنّانون العاملون في ميدان السينما والڤيديو والصور والرسوم المتحركة والتركيب أو وسائل الإعلام الجديدة على تقديم أعمالهم الفنّية التي يمكن أن تعيد تعريف الهندسة الجامدة للبيت الريفي وتُخِلّ بالانقسام الحاصل بين "هنا" و "هناك"...


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